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eta solutions is a software development company with focus on customized, high-performance solutions. We specialize in fintech, cryptography & security, UX & UI, and business intelligence.

We focus on correctness, performance, and usability.

We also advise on software architecture and cost-cutting of cloud infrastructure.

What’s η (eta)?

In the lambda calculus, the η-reduction says that two functions are the same iff they give the same result for all arguments:

$$ f(x) = g(x) \Longleftrightarrow f = g $$

$$ \lambda x. f(x) \Longleftrightarrow f $$

In functional programming, this axiom is used to lower the syntactic complexity of software.

The name eta solutions emphasizes a belief in reducing all kinds of organizational and technical complexity as well.


  • Triton VM: A STARK virtual machine
  • twenty-first: Efficient prime-field cryptography
  • Verifairy: A Haskell implementation of VerifPal™, a system for describing and analysing cryptographic protocols
  • Sword: A financial derivative language for the blockchain
  • hs-jq: A Haskell implementation of jq, the combinatoric JSON processor
  • evm-opcodes: Opcode types for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

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